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Do You Need a Tracker?

South Africa is fourth in the world for high crime rates, and this includes car theft and hi-jacking. That means out of 139 other countries, we are almost at the top. It’s important to safeguard your assets to ensure your thieves and robbers can’t drive off with them.


If your car goes missing, do you have a way to find it? Will you be alerted immediately if someone is moving your vehicle without letting you know first? A car tracker can be the solution.Not all car trackers are alike.

Car thieves have become more sophisticated in their methods, disabling some of the more traditional tracking systems with advanced technology. You don’t need to waste money on a less effective tracker or pay more for a system that isn’t suited to your situation. We can help you find the right tracker for your needs.


Benefits of Installing a Vehicle Tracker


A smart tracker acts as an added layer or protection against the theft of your car. Some thieves may be reluctant to try stealing your car when a beacon with their exact location can be tracked with the installed device. 

Vehicle Recovery.

ehicles with trackers installed are more likely to be recovered after they have been stolen.

Lower Insurance Premiums.

Trackers can lower your car insurance premium because they are so effective at helping safeguard your car against theft.


eyond helping ensure driver safety, some trackers give you real-time location information that helps you understand the movements of drivers and their exact location, should this be relevant. This form of accountability can reduce fuel costs and other expenditure for company cars and drivers.

Vehicle Tracking in South Africa

Looking for a tracking device for your car? Tracking units aren’t all the same. You can get a GPS-based vehicle tracking system, a hard wired tracker, or a plug-in tracker. Do you need real-time tracking to see where your vehicle is at all times, or are you interested in a tracker that can help you recover a stolen vehicle? 


We can help you access the future of vehicle tracking with insights into the industry and devices available in the country. Some trackers offer engine diagnostics and constant location telematics. Others are not a smart tracker but a more simple solution.


Sometimes, you may want to choose specific tracking companies for their excellent customer service and quick response times. Find out what each tracking service has to offer, including added benefits like tracker care or a reliable tracking server. Trackers  are also great tools for fuel monitoring, assessing driver behaviour, and tracking current driver time. 

Vehicle Recovery

Commercial vehicles can often include trackers as onboard diagnostics tools, but one of their most valuable actions is making it possible to locate the vehicle if it gets stolen. It can send out a signal that alerts the police or tracking company about the current location of the vehicle. If you’re transporting precious cargo, you may want the most advanced tracking units the vehicle tracking industry has to offer.


Some trackers use signals from satellite networks or cellular networks, although satellite GPS is most common. If you choose a real-time tracker, it can alert you an the tracking server as soon as your vehicle moves. Standard trackers will require that you report the vehicle stolen to the tracking company. They will then activate the tracker.


It will send out a signal to the nearest vehicle recovery unit. These units will attempt to recover the vehicle fast by following the signal and, where possible, apprehending the criminals. A smart tracker that is harder to disable has become an important part of the management of vehicles for companies and individuals in South Africa.


Fleet Tracking

Modern management of a fleet of vehicles includes tracking systems specifically designed to deliver location data and other statistics about each vehicle and driver in the fleet. Most logistics companies now understand the value of adopting effective tracking solutions to reap the benefits. These types of fleet management solutions don’t only deter theft. They also help reduce fuel costs and increase efficiency.


Benefits of Fleet Trackers


  • Deter Theft. You can deter thieves with trackers that are hard to disable or locate within the vehicle.
  • Recover Stolen Vehicles. Find every type of vehicle fast if it gets stolen or get alerted that a vehicle has left a larger radius if you have a smart tracker.
  • Lower Fuel Costs. Lower your company’s spend on fuel through fuel monitoring and keeping drivers accountable for fuel consumption wastage where relevant.
  • Find Most Efficient Routes. You can also lower costs by finding the most efficient routes. Simply compare data based on multiple trips taken via different routes.
  • Reduce Excessive Wear. By increasing efficiency, lowering current driver time and taking the most efficient routes.
  • Encourage Positive Driver Behaviour. Some trackers can use data such as the engine RPM, distance traveled, engine vibrations, and engine temperature to pinpoint irresponsible driving. Location and engine diagnostics can help you encourage better driving to reduce costs and increase productivity.
  • Other benefits include asset tracking when transporting goods and a reduced administrative burden thanks to collated data along with constant location telematics.

Tracking Companies in South Africa

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