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Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

From improved fleet management to lower insurance premiums, the benefits of vehicle tracking in South Africa are many. Learn how a car tracker can benefit you here.

The South African vehicle tracking industry offers modern-day anti-theft and vehicle recovery systems that can benefit fleet owners or private motor vehicle owners. The types of benefits you can enjoy depend on the plan you choose and the tracking company you go with. In most cases, vehicle recovery is one of the biggest benefits.

For fleet managers, cost savings and fuel efficiency are some of the top advantages of using a fleet management solution that includes tracking devices. Logistics businesses may find the most value in a real-time tracking devices coupled with vehicle tracking software. Find out what the top advantages of vehicle tracking are below.

11 Benefits of Using Vehicle Tracking Devices

1. Save on Insurance Costs

In South Africa, many companies in the insurance industry determine how much you’ll pay for insurance based on your risk profile. Various factors determine what your risk profile is, including things like safety measures taken to safeguard your vehicle. Vehicle trackers are a powerful feature in this category that can lower your insurance premiums. 


This is because a tracking unit installed in your insured vehicle will increase the chances of recovering it if it is stolen. It also deters theft and comes with many benefits. Insurance companies appreciate tracking systems so much that they will often lower your monthly premium if you have one installed.


2. Discourage Vehicle Theft

When you use advanced vehicle tracking technology, it can deter theft. How? The most significant way would be preventing “inside jobs” by disgruntled employees or people aware of the vehicle’s typical routes and storage. When people are aware that you own vehicle tracking technology, it can deter theft, since modern trackers are more difficult to find and disable.

If you want to deter theft, it is important that you install an effective vehicle tracking system that is difficult to disable or locate within the vehicle. Some connected devices even come equipped with early theft detection that can automatically alert the authorities. Anti – theft measures are important for company cars or vehicle fleets, since these assets are expensive and important to the operations of the business. 

3. Increase Chances of Vehicle Recovery

This is where vehicle recovery advantages become apparent. Once a car has been stolen, the chances of recovering it are extremely low in our country. But, with a tracking device, police and recovery teams can know the current position of any stolen vehicle. It can also be useful for truck hijackings and other forms of road robbery, because some tracking plans include a panic button.

Vehicle Recovery
Driver Safety

4. Improve Driver Safety

By deterring theft and hijackings, your drivers will be safer. But this isn’t the only way it improves driver safety. You can get real-time updates about driving habits like vehicle speed, routes, harsh braking, or reckless driving. These can help you establish patterns in driver behaviour.


These can then be addressed with training, accountability measures, incentivisation, and more. These driver behaviour reports can lead to safer driving habits that safeguard the vehicle and your employees. This, in turn, can reduce accident rates, too.

5. Lower Operational Costs

Better driver performance can result in lower operational costs by reducing wear and tear and increasing fuel efficiency. Lower operating costs are also a result of other benefits, such as lowering fuel costs, finding more efficient routes, and improving vehicle maintenance. As a business owner, the extent of the advantages you can get from vehicle tracking makes it an essential tool to have.


6. Lower Maintenance Costs

With constant location tracking and vehicle diagnostics, you can understand the state of your fleet vehicles fast. Each individual vehicle has a tracker, but when it is a fleet management solution, the fleet management software can record vehicle diagnostics and telematics that help you determine the exact time a service is needed. You can, thus, avoid breakdowns and the costs involved.

7. Lower Fuel Costs

Some sophisticated trackers can track idle time to find patterns in traffic jams or to identify fuel wastage. Harsh acceleration patterns can also sometimes be tracked. Asa result, companies can find more efficient routes and encourage better driving behaviour for massive savings on fuel costs. This benefit is especially useful for logistics companies in the transport industry.


8. Increase Productivity

Experienced drivers that have learned to discard poor driving behaviours can deliver greater efficiency. This could mean an improved rate of delivery. Maximum efficiency, achieved through detailed insights and informed decisions, can even improve your rate of client retention.

You can discard unfavorable driving habits and enjoy the amazing benefits of a comprehensive tracking system for your fleet today! Simply fill in the form at the top of the page to get started.

9. Increase Route Efficiency

With real-time trackers, you can keep an eye on the activities of drivers and the routes they travel. This data can help you find patterns that prove which route is most efficient. Many advanced fleet management systems include these capabilities in their software to make it easier for fleet managers.

You can often identify route deviations with fleet tracking systems and receive real-time data about the exact location of the vehicle. 

Asset Tracking

10. Asset Tracking

When you’re transporting valuable assets, real-time data about its exact location is important. You can give stakeholders peace of mind about the safety of assets while, at the same time, safeguarding your vehicular assets. Some vehicle tracker systems even include frequent alerts delivered to your mobile device.

11. Better Customer Service

With sophisticated trackers, you can inform people about arrival times, delivery delays, and the safety of cargo. This can result in fewer complaints and better customer satisfaction. It can also help your customer service team to address your customers’ concerns fast. 

Better Customer Service

Who Can Enjoy the Benefits of the Tracking of Vehicles?

  • An individual driver looking to use a tracker for their personal car
  • Owners of commercial vehicles or company vehicles
  • Fleet owners and fleet managers
  • Drivers of just about any class of vehicle
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