What to Consider when Choosing a Vehicle Tracking Provider

Choosing a vehicle tracking provider

If you’ve just bought a new car, or are rethinking how you look after your vehicle, you’ve probably considered the idea of installing a GPS tracker. But before you rush into any quick decisions, it’s important to have a measured approach to finding the right company. Let’s take a look at what to consider when choosing a tracking provider based on the years of experience of our team.


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What is a Vehicle Tracker?

Before we dive into the ins and outs of what you should be looking for in a vehicle tracking solution, let’s first look at what car tracking is in South Africa.

This is when a specialised company installs a tracking device into your car that lets you or the company know (or both) where your car is located in real time, at all times, or when a passive tracker is installed to collect data that can be analysed after a trip, and finally also a tracker that must be manually activated with the push of a button before it starts tracking your vehicle.

It’s not used to prevent theft of your car but to recover your vehicle should it ever be stolen, whether that’s from a parking lot or through a hijacking. Should your car ever be stolen, you can get in touch with the tracking company and let them know, and they’ll be able to locate the vehicle and either go to the location themselves, send in a recovery team, or send the police to recover the car.


Can Having Vehicle Tracking Benefit You?

The benefits of vehicle tracking are numerous, but the main one is that you get peace of mind that, should your car ever be stolen, there’s a high chance you’ll get it back. Other benefits include being able to track the whereabouts of loved ones using your car, if your tracking device allows you to personally track its location. Plus telematics features that gather data on how you drive—for example, do you brake harshly, do you accelerate too quickly, do you drive too quickly, are you using unsafe routes to get to where you’re going?

For fleet managers, the benefits are so numerous that many fleet companies consider fleet tracking and telematics apps an absolute essential. They help with improving driver safety, lowering fuel costs, planning routes, scheduling maintenance, behaviour monitoring, and much more. Not only can you see the current location of your fleet vehicles, you can plan vehicle maintenance so that down times are reduced, choose lower risk, shorter routes, and lower driving behaviours that waste fuel and increase the need for maintenance.

What to Consider When Choosing a Vehicle Tracker

When choosing a vehicle tracker, there are a few things to consider. Let’s look at some of them below.


1. Passive vs Active Tracking

There are two different methods of tracking vehicles—passive and active.

Passive tracking is used more often in cargo tracking, where data about the tracker’s location history is saved to a local device and viewed at a later stage. It’s not appropriate when you want the real-time location of your vehicle if it’s been stolen.

Active tracking is when data about the car’s exact location are sent immediately to the tracking company, and, sometimes, you as well. This is also called real-time tracking, and it has become the industry standard for both private and fleet management solutions.


2. Sophistication of the System

As mentioned, you can get telematics information from your tracking software, but this doesn’t apply to all retail tracking devices, as some don’t offer this. If it’s important to you to know how you’re driving so you can continuously improve, then this is a must-have for you. Make sure to check with the tracker company that this is an available feature. If you are looking into vehicle tracking systems for your fleet, this is a vital consideration.


3. Personally Tracking the Car’s Location

Not all car tracking companies allow their customers to keep tabs on the vehicle location. Some prefer to use their own vehicle tracking software, as there’s the danger that a customer could try to go after their stolen car themselves. However, being able to track your car’s location with real-time alerts can have major benefits, as we discussed above—you can know where your partner or child is at all times if you have this feature enabled, which means they’re safer on the road with a loved one looking out for them.

And of course, as a fleet owner, we are sure you can grasp the great value such a system will bring to your company and its operations. Route planning, advanced alerts, driver communication, anti-theft measures, engine fault alerts, emergency alarms, avoiding high risk areas, harsh acceleration and harsh braking data sent to fleet operators. The list goes on and on. If your fleet doesn’t have one yet, we highly recommend filling in the form on this page to take your fleet game to the next level.


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4. Customer Service

Relying on a little wireless tracking device to secure your car for recovery is a big leap of faith. Your car is likely one of your most prized possessions—certainly one of your most expensive assets—so it’s important that you find a provider that can deliver on its promises. You need more than just a tracking system; you need a company that will be there for you at a vulnerable time, when your car is missing and it’s imperative that you get it back. This is even more true of fleet tracking software and devices, with so many more vehicles to keep safe.


5. What it Costs

Of course, there’s no denying that price is a major factor in choosing the right GPS tracker for your car. But that’s not to say you should immediately go for the cheapest option, nor the most expensive, thinking you’re going to get the best product on the market. The aim should be to get the most value for money. If there’s a cheaper option, can they still give a reasonable guarantee of vehicle recovery? If there’s a pricier choice, does it come with all the additional bells and whistles, like telematics and personal access to live locations?

You don’t have to worry about finding the right tracking company for you. Just fill in the form on this page, and our experts will match you with a company that will meet your needs and budget.

6. Recovery Rate

No company can guarantee a 100% success rate, as criminals are often aware of the places where GPS trackers are stored in cars and are adept at removing them. But you want a company with an excellent recovery rate nonetheless. A figure above 90% is a good starting point.


7. Compare Companies

Whenever you’re looking at a vehicle tracking company, we recommend comparing a few. Luckily, with us, we take all the effort out of this process for you—we do the comparing ourselves and then ensure that one of our partners gets in touch with you that matches what you need perfectly. All you need to do is fill in the form on any of our webpages, and we’ll review your requirements and match you with the provider that best suits your needs. Try it out today—there’s nothing to lose!