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Fleet Tracking

Fleet managers have many concerns, from fuel costs to driver safety and more. Luckily, there are companies who offer fleet management solutions that simplify managing these concerns. With the right vehicle tracking solution, you can improve route planning, reduce maintenance costs, and monitor driver behaviour for your entire fleet.

Find out how fleet tracking works, why it matters, and how it can benefit you. Learn what role fleet tracking devices play in managing your fleet. 

How Do I Monitor My Fleet?

It makes sense that tracking your fleet may be the most effective way to find out how your drivers are performing, whether vehicles are being misused, whether you’re using the best routes, and whether your drivers and vehicles are safe. But how are vehicles typically tracked? Often, companies choose real-time tracking solutions that include GPS fleet tracking devices and fleet management software.

The service usually includes a recovery team for situations where vehicles are stolen. Some options could even include driver communication platforms. Global positioning systems (GPS) use satellites to pinpoint the precise location for the vehicle.

What is a Fleet Tracker?

A fleet tracker is a device installed into a vehicle permanently or placed into it by hand that uses GPS to track the position of the vehicle. Active trackers send a consistent signal to a central server about the exact routes being travelled and other constant location telematics. Passive trackers store this data, and when the vehicle returns, fleet management staff can download the data.

Fleet tracking solutions have become a pivotal part of business for logistics companies and businesses that frequently use vehicles. The benefits of using such systems are many, and business owners can start enjoying the results of using trackers fast.

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

What Are the Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking?

The foremost benefit that companies enjoy through trackers is being able to establish the real-time locations of their assets at all times. This can help deter theft and aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles. Here are other benefits to using fleet tracking.

1. Fuel Costs

You can reduce fuel costs by finding the most efficient routes with data provided by the tracker. You can also save on fuel costs by discouraging excessive idling and other negative driving behaviour. 

2. Driver Behaviour Monitoring

With driver behavior monitoring, you can know when company vehicles are being misused or driven irresponsibly. A reliable vehicle tracking system can include capabilities that allow you to asses fuel efficiency and limit excessive speed. With driver logs and real-time information, you can have the data needed to coach drivers to better performance. 

3. Fleet Maintenance Costs

Fleet engine maintenance can become a large project fast, depending on how many vehicles you need to maintain. Your tracking system may be able to inform you when routine maintenance or other repairs may become necessary. Vehicle maintenance is easier to manage with a software platform linked to vehicle trackers in your fleet.

4. Theft & Recovery

Commercial vehicles face more theft, hijacking, and robbery risks because they may carry more valuable items or large amounts of stock. You can deter “inside jobs” with effective fleet tracking and increase the likelihood of fast vehicle recovery with trackers installed. 

5. Route Optimization.

Trip reports, real-time alerts, and automatic vehicle location can help fleet controllers avoid challenging routes and improve fleet efficiency. As more data is collected, patterns in idle times and route efficiency become clear. Managers can then make informed decisions about route adjustments that save time and money.

6. Insurance Costs

Asset tracking is valuable for insurers, because if a vehicle is stolen, it’s more likely to be recovered. In fact, the benefits are so strong that many insurers in South Africa will discount your monthly premium if you have a tracker installed. On a fleet scale, the savings become substantial.

With such a wide range of benefits in being able to track vehicles, it’s no wonder so many South African companies now depend on this technology.

Which is the Best Vehicle Tracking System?

Which is the Best Vehicle Tracking System?

The best system for your fleet of vehicles depends on what you need from the system. Not all fleet vehicles are alike. If you are tracking courier delivery vehicles, what you need may differ from heavy trucking businesses.


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