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CarTrack Fleet Tracking

What is CarTrack Fleet Tracking?

CarTrack is known as the global leader in connected fleet management solutions. Monthly they process over ninety billion data points for more than one point six million subscribers in twenty-three countries. The massive scope of their operations means you can rely on CarTrack for solutions that will improve your fleet operations.


It is a privately owned company owned by listed company, Karooooo Ltd. As a leader in mobility solutions, they offer many products, such as ai-powered cameras for proactive driver monitoring. You can find out more about what’s on offer from Car Track for fleet managers below.

Why Choose CarTrack for Your Fleet?

As leaders in fleet management, CarTrack has the capability to take your fleet to the next level. They offer advanced camera technology and intuitive reports with actionable insights that will help fleet managers make informed decisions to increase the efficacy and efficiency of their fleets. 


There are many benefits to using the CarTrack fleet management system, such as an improved fleet recovery rate, lower fuel consumption, and real time locations for your entire fleet. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when using their fleet management solution tools.

CarTrack fleet management system

CarTrack Fleet Management Benefits

1. CarTrack Fleet Management Benefits

By planning driver routes and influencing driver behaviours, you can increase the productivity of your fleet, no matter which industry you are in. 

2. Lower Fuel Consumption.

Thanks to a powerful fleet management platform and detailed driver reports with fuel tracking, you can find ways to lower fuel consumption. For example, you can reduce excess idling.

3. Proactive Vehicle Maintenance.

An efficient fleet needs maintenance. You don’t have to wait until the car breaks down to keep track of which vehicle needs attention. Alerts for trigger events can be set up, such as scheduled maintenance alerts.

4. Proactive Driver Monitoring.

You can keep drivers safer with CarTrack Fleet. Observe driver activity and get driver behaviour reports. Prevent driver fatigue and ensure drivers drive responsibly and safely. You can keep a literal eye on each individual driver.

5. Route Efficiency.

When you know the current location of each driver, you can find the best routes for them to take. Detailed insights on routes can cut costs and save a lot of time for your company. 

6. Reliable Car Recovery.

Vehicle theft is a material threat in South Africa, but CarTrack recovery solutions for fleets can drastically improve the rate of vehicle recovery if any of your fleet vehicles are stolen. 

7. Fleet Admin and Compliance.

Set up alerts around filing compliance documents, for example renewing the licenses of your vehicles. Simplify your fleet administration with the CarTrack App and Platform.

8. Deter Theft.

When you use device fleet tracking, it can deter thieves and lower the risk of theft for your fleet.

9. Save on Insurance.

Insurance companies appreciate fleet tracking so much that they will often lower your monthly premiums when you install a tracking device into your insured vehicles.

How Does CarTrack Fleet Work?

Through their platform, they enable you to automate the a-z of managing your fleet. You can assign jobs to your fleet and empower drivers and managers to complete their tasks. You can say goodbye to spreadsheets and outdated software. Their system will help you to understand, manage, and observe all elements involved in your fleet operations and management in one place.


From task management to cost savings, there is so much to gain from CarTrack Fleet. Using ai-powered cameras, you can safeguard your vehicles and drivers. Your solution can be customised to suit your specific needs.


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