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SecureDrive Fleet Tracking

What is SecureDrive?

The leaders in South Africa’s security industry now bring you a connected fleet experience that combines vehicle telematics, tracking devices, and a strategic partnership with Amber Connect. This technology company brings global innovations to a company with broad reach in the country and a leader in security solutions.


Fleet owners can manage their fleets with more ease and get peace of mind that their vehicles are safer. SecureDrive Fleet Tracking is relatively new in the telematics market but backed by leaders in personal and commercial security. As an industry leader in security (Fidelity ADT), they provide unrivalled vehicle security and world-class technology. 

Who Owns Fidelity Services Group?

The owner of Fidelity Services Group, who owns SecureDrive and ADT, is Wahl Bartmann. This company boasts a massive capacity, as South Africa’s largest private security provider.
Fidelity Services Group

What Are the Benefits Using Fidelity Secure Drive's Tracking?

1. All-in-one Insurance offering.

There is an emphasis on insurance telematics in the SecureDrive product. As such, companies can expect savings on monthly insurance premiums when their fleet is on SecureDrive.

2. Productivity and Efficiency.

Connected vehicle solutions deliver data that can assist in smart fleet management and result in a more efficient and productive fleet. For example, trip histories, trip time, and reports of driver behaviour can help companies identify bad driving or inefficient routes.

3. AI-Powered Theft Prevention.

The leaders in protection innovation can help deter thieves. How? With anti-theft alerts and technology powered by artificial intelligence to identify threats to your tracked vehicle. An in-app alarm will sound if the AI detects a threat.

4. Driver Safety.

SecureDrive can keep drivers safer thanks to safety alerts and other critical alerts, as well as helping drivers become safer on the road through behaviour reports and other vehicle telematics.

5. Simplify Vehicle Maintenance.

Not only can you more accurately predict when vehicles will need to be serviced, you can avoid trouble on the road by taking a proactive approach to maintaining your fleet. On the SecureDrive app, you can make driver profiles and allocate drivers to vehicles. You can also monitor who is on the road and get a bird’s-eye view of activity. With so much data at hand, fleet maintenance and management are much easier.

6. Keep it Legal with Document Reminders.

You can set up reminders on the app and that go to your email address to remind you about renewing licenses and other documents. 

7. Real-Time Tracking for your Peace of Mind.

You can see in real time where your drivers and vehicles are. You can also receive real-time deviation alerts. Knowing precisely what’s happening in your fleet can give you peace of mind that your drivers and vehicles are safer and on schedule.


How Does Fidelity SecureDrive's Offering Work?

This is a suitable product for commercial-scale operations in South Africa. You can sign up today for their fleet solutions and start getting real-time alerts on your fleet’s movements. You could even integrate the tracking service with other services offered by fidelity. 


Fidelity Security will offer you an agreement consisting of monthly fees for a predetermined period (typically one to three years). In return, they will offer you a list of services, which will be detailed in the agreement you sign with them. Here are some services you can get when you sign up for SecureDrive.

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Driver Management 

Using the app, driver profiles, tracking of login sessions, and real-time tracking, fleet managers can make driver management more efficient and accurate.

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Vehicle Performance

Accurate vehicle tracking and telematics can help you improve your fleet's performance. You will get reports on driver behaviour and vehicle performance through the app.

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Real-Time Tracking

Keep an eye on your live tracking dashboard, with data like speed, fuel gauge, distance, time, and more. You can also use the SecureDrive satellite view to see vehicles on the road, view trips and trip reports, and share location links.

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Anti-Theft Alerts

Deter theft with artificial intelligence alerts designed to give your driver an immediate warning through the app when a security threat is perceived.

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Geo Fencing and Alerts

Assign geo fences to specific vehicles. You can create multiple geo fences and assign them accordingly when applicable. You will then get an alert if the vehicle moves outside of this geo-fenced area.

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Other Amazing Features

"Peace of mind is priceless, I think this service is worth using, and at such a low price, it is really amazing!"
Thulani Ntombi