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A Beginner's Guide to Geo Location Alerts: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever heard of geo location alerts? If so, have you considered using them in your own fleet tracking? They have numerous applications and benefits as a fleet tracking solution. Let’s explore some of these and find out what exactly geo location alerts are. 

What Are Geo Location Alerts?

Geo location alerts often come in the form of push notifications, but they could also include email, text, and WhatsApp alerts. Sometimes, when you install tracking devices, you can get software that includes these types of alerts for events like harsh braking, accidents, theft, and more.


Traditionally, they’re actually used in advertising. If you walk past, say, a Starbucks, the company might send you a push notification or AirDrop message, if you have an iPhone, urging you to pop in for your favourite orange mocha Frappuccino. However, these alerts have multiple uses in the vehicle tracking industry. Take a look at them with us.

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How Do Geo Location Alerts Relate to Vehicle Tracking?

Geo location alerts come down to monitoring your fleet vehicles—their current location at any given moment, ensuring drivers remain safe, and providing a general overview of the state of a vehicle on its journey to its destination.


They are there to let you know if anything is out of the ordinary, which, let’s face it, is a lot of the time when you’re managing a large fleet. They keep you in the loop on every single vehicle under your purview. When you’re managing hundreds, if not thousands, of vehicles, it’s an indispensable tool in knowing exactly what’s going on and where.

What Are the Practical Applications in Vehicle Tracking?

There are multiple ways to use geo location notifications in vehicle tracking. Here are some of the most common ones:

This is arguably the most common way to use these types of alerts. You could choose to either receive notifications every number of minutes or hours, depending on your preference, or only get alerts when something has gone wrong, such as if your vehicle is on an incorrect route or in an area it shouldn’t be in. You could then get in touch with the driver to find out why they’re straying from the planned course. 


Now, imagine being able to receive notifications like we’ve described above, but on a grand scale—for every single vehicle in your fleet.

Driver safety is likely the most important way to use geo location alerts. If your drivers follow a GPS to determine the quickest route to a destination based on traffic, they might not be aware if there is a danger on the route they’re taking, such as protest action ahead. In this case, a geo location alert about the potential danger on their route sent to your and their phones could save their life (as well as your vehicle).

It’s not just about protecting your drivers. Imagine if a driver arrived two hours early or late to a delivery, but you’d heard no reasons as to why this might be the case along the drive. If they’re early, and you get a notification to say so, it could mean that your driver broke the speed limit to get there in record time. If they’re late, this raises a lot of questions as to what they were doing that made them arrive so long past the deadline. This gives you anomalies to investigate in order to streamline processes in the future.

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What Are the Benefits of Geo Location Alerts?

Improving driver safety, driver behaviour, fuel efficiency and simply having a holistic view over your fleet are the most beneficial features when you add geo location alerts to your stable of fleet management services. 

Can Individuals use Geo Location Tracking?

Yes, they can. There are service providers in South Africa that offer geo location notifications for safety purposes. If you’re out on a late night out, you can have notifications sent to someone in your family every set number of minutes or hours to let them know where you are and that you’re still safe and tell them when you’re on your way home and when you’ve arrived there safely.


Even some ride-sharing apps make use of this feature for the comfort of their passengers and their loved ones.

Who in South Africa Offers Geo Location Alerts?

Some of our partners, such as MiX Telematics, offer geo location notifications for fleet managers to use in streamlining their operations. MiX Telematics is a multinational company with a footprint in over 100 countries and is responsible for some of the most state-of-the-art software in fleet management. It also offers services for smaller businesses and individuals, such as through Beame, which is another one of our proud partners.


If you’d like a quote from a highly regarded, specialist fleet tracking and management services provider, fill in the form on any of our webpages and our most appropriate partner will give you a call or email. You’ll receive your own customised quote based on your fleet’s needs.