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Construction Industry Tracking in South Africa

The modern world relies heavily on GPS technology for navigation and tasks, such as smartphone location services. You might be familiar with apps that provide driving directions. But did you know GPS trackers can transform your construction business and offer tangible benefits?


With the right tracking, you can connect your cars, protect your drivers, and provide actionable insights. As a result, you can ensure you’re achieving operational excellence at every site by effectively managing your assets. To improve driver safety, reliable telematics systems must be installed that work alongside a GPS tracker.


We can help you find trustworthy telematics services for the mining industry and construction industry. Telematics systems help optimize asset efficiency and production by providing real time information and analytics. They do much more than safeguard valuable assets and monitor construction activity!

What Are the Benefits of Vehicle Tracking in the Construction Industry?

GPS technology is a vital part of our daily life today as we rely heavily on it in our cars and personal electronic gadgets. We also depend upon GPS systems in construction projects to locate equipment. When one loses his/her device or forgets where they left their vehicle, they can track it with GPS technology.


When people hear the word “GPS,” the majority of people think of navigation. However, GPS has many more applications than just giving you turn-by-turn directions. It’s also great for overseeing pricey machinery, such as cranes, towers, service vehicles, machinery, and heavy trucks.


Construction companies can benefit from using GPS in their work because it helps keep workers safe and productive. We’ve listed a few more benefits you could enjoy with the right solution.

1. Lower Fuel Costs

With a GPS tracker, you can easily identify the shortest route between two locations. This makes it easy for you to decide who gets dispatched where. It saves you time and money because you don’t need to pay overtime wages.

Your vehicle’s diagnostic data can be monitored through your vehicle tracker, so you can quickly get information to make decisions to improve efficiency.

2. Keep a Better Eye on Operations

With trackers in the building sector, you can get visibility into your fleet’s activities. You can easily view the real-time locations of every truck, van, or trailer in your fleet from any device connected to the internet. You can track important data, including kilometres travelled, fuel consumed, speed, and even check out the health of your vehicles’ engines.

3. Get Happier Customers

Real-time fleet management software can help you react to service calls quickly, improving your customer experience and keeping them satisfied by providing accurate arrival times and tracking info.


4. Improve Driving Behaviours and Lower Risks

Aggressive driving behaviour can increase the amount of damage done to your vehicles, costing you money in repairs and replacement parts. With the aid of a corporate tracking solution, you can monitor your drivers’ habits and help them drive more safely.


You can also spot potential problems before they occur and provide feedback to help change bad driving habits. By improving driving skills, you’ll save yourself money and reduce the risk of accidents.


5. Save on Your Insurance Costs

The result of lower accident risk is that insurance companies will often lower your monthly premium amount when your fleet has tracking devices installed.

Why is Construction Industry Tracking Important?

Approximately one thousand pieces of heavy construction machinery are reported missing each month, according to the NCIC. Thieves usually steal these types of assets because they’re easy to sell for cash.


It’s not uncommon for expensive machinery and other assets to be stolen from construction sites. If the site isn’t protected by security guards around the entire time, thieves can break into the site at any time and steal everything they want.


Replacing the lost property will cost your construction company some cash. Insurance costs could increase. Delays due to having to replace the property and dealing with insurance companies could delay your project and potentially cost you business.

Why is Construction Industry Tracking Important

How Asset Tracking Works

Tracking and monitoring systems can help you pinpoint the locations of your assets in real time. They can also encourage good behaviour. Thieves who see that your assets are equipped with such a system might think twice about stealing them.

If one of your assets is ever stolen, a tracker can help you and the police find it. You can keep an eye on your vehicles and equipment, whether they’re at a construction site or not.

Beyond the safety and recovery of vehicles, being able to track them also helps your business run much more efficiently. Once the system is installed, it collects and transmits valuable info.

Systems can often utilise either historical records or the last known location of an item for comparison purposes. You can then get hold of an item’s info via a mobile phone app or through a computer program.

How Asset Tracking Works

Useful Benefits Construction Fleet Managers Can Get from Tracking Data

☑  You can keep an eye out for unsafe driving behaviour among your employees


Risky, hostile drivers pose a major hazard to your construction business. An incident could cost your business a lot, whether it involves bodily harm or car damage. That is why your vehicles should be operated with caution and all vehicles with your organisation’s logo should be driven with extra care.


Even the safest, most careful drivers are sometimes tempted to go faster than they should when they’re in a hurry or distracted by something else. One moment of inattention could result in an incident. Installing a tracking system on your vehicle can help you create a safe driving environment.


Tracking devices let you monitor & record employee driving. If they speed, drive recklessly, or take a longer route, you’ll be aware. This can help encourage safe driving practices.


With the right technology, you can track vehicle speeds using GPS and alert people if they’re driving too fast. You can also coach them in real time to teach them better habits and help them avoid accidents.


☑ Fleet managers can reduce fuel consumption and the costs involved


When working on a project, there may be a lot of travelling required. Travelling between different sites, transporting materials, collecting tools, and so forth, can take up a lot of time and energy. It’s important to plan ahead for these activities and avoid unnecessary travel where possible.


Real-time tracking solutions can help you plan and monitor the usage of your vehicles. In this way, you will be able to identify which drivers are wasting fuel.


Safety concerns aside, aggressive behaviours such as speeding and harsh breaking can lead to increased fuel usage. Idling too much can also increase your fuel bill.


With the right tracking system, you can be notified of these events in real time, as well as keep a record of them as events that can be pulled into reports and reviewed later. You can study employee driving habits and routes taken and use this information to improve their driving skills and cut down on fuel costs.


☑  Use tracking devices improves productivity and efficiency by making sure workers get where they need to


GPS tracking brings advantages to any business with a fleet, especially in the construction sector. Fleet management systems can enhance a construction company’s performance in various ways.


  • Streamline your workflows and asset allocation


Idle time can be costly for a construction business. Paper-based records may go unused, even though they could be reused. For instance, a task might take 30 minutes, but then the resource is inactive for another 30 minutes prior to being used again.


Add up all those hours multiplied by all your assets. Then compare that number to the total amount of work done in a year. You’ll find out just how much money you’re wasting.


Idle time doesn’t mean that your assets are idle. Your assets could be sitting idle at another job site, or worse yet, they could be sitting idle at their current job site because no one wants them there.


With fleet tracking, you can see exactly when each one of your vehicles is available, so you can assign them to jobs quickly and efficiently.

  • Address the misuse of company vehicles and equipment


By using vehicle tracking, you’ll be able to see if someone else is misusing your vehicle or other asset. If they’re doing so, you’ll know where they’ve been and when they were there.


You can also ensure you’re maximizing your return on investment (ROI) for your vehicles and equipment. This gives you an idea of whether you’re reaping the benefits of owning those items, and how much they’re costing you.


By keeping track of how often each item is used, you’ll get a better sense of how efficient your operation really is. A vehicle telematics system can help you manage your assets better.


Monitor asset movements in real time, view worker paths, gain insight into time spent at each spot, and find discrepancies between vehicle use and the time logged. Examining this data helps pinpoint places where employees are taking too much or too little time.


  • Track your crews and prevent billing fraud


Sometimes, your workers might get lost. They might leave the site without telling anyone. Or maybe they’re working too hard and need a break.


Whatever the case may be, if you’ve got an app that tracks them, you’ll know exactly what’s happening. With tracking, you can see exactly where each person is at any given moment. You can also monitor how much work they do in a day. And you can see who’s driving them around.


Using real-timing software to monitor electronic timesheets and allocate resources based on real times can ensure that drivers’ reported driving hour records are accurate and can be used to prevent over reporting.


Time sheet fraud occurs when your employees record more time than they actually spend working. This causes you to lose money because you’re paying them for their time instead of for the actual services they provide.


A telematics solution helps prevent this from happening. It allows you to see exactly how long each employee spent at work, how many minutes they were there, and how many miles they drove.


  • Accurately estimate and budget expenses for an event


A telematics tracking solution makes it easier for your company to track its employees’ activities and costs. You’ll know how long your workers spend on the road, how long they’re working, and how much they take off for breaks, so your payrolls will be more accurate.


You can also keep tabs on fuel usage by looking at exactly how much gas your crew uses on every project. By using this and other data, you can predict future costs based on past costs. Because all the data is often collected remotely and stored safely, you can access this info from anywhere.


  • Reduce the wear and tear on your construction vehicles


Maintaining your vehicle and ensuring its safety and reliability can help you save time and money by reducing maintenance expenses. Your vehicles will run better if they are well maintained.


Properly maintained vehicles are less likely to experience sudden breakdowns, which results in safer conditions for your staff and other drivers. Unforeseen vehicle issues can render your team inefficient.


Planning preventative upkeep for your vehicles and equipment helps keep your employees productive, your operations on track, and your customers happy. You can either schedule routine upkeep during quieter hours or plan around it.

Construction fleets often rely on tracking devices for asset management purposes. These tools allow you to create custom reports that provide detailed insights into your equipment and assets. Below are some examples of how you can use these types of reports.

With a good tracking solution, you can monitor every stage of projects from start to finish and track your assets at all times. It can give you the confidence that everything is running smoothly.

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