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Rental Vehicle Tracking in South Africa

Did you know that real-time location tracking solutions can reduce business risks for vehicle rental and leasing companies? Find out everything you need to know about vehicle rental tracking in South Africa.

What is Vehicle Tracking for Rental Companies?

Vehicle tracking systems are an important part of the process when it comes to renting or leasing a vehicle. They help companies keep track of how their fleet is being used and where they are at all times.


There are many ways that a company can use these systems, with the most common being to monitor the location of vehicles and record information about them, such as mileage. This allows companies to make better decisions about how they deploy their fleet and optimise it for fuel efficiency, cost savings, and other factors.


Some companies also use vehicle tracking systems for purposes such as monitoring driver behaviour or enhancing security by preventing theft.

What Are the Benefits of Rental Vehicle Tracking for Leasing Companies?

Rental vehicle tracking systems help leasing companies in many ways. They make it easier for them to monitor the location of the vehicles at all times, which helps them make more informed decisions. It also helps them improve customer service by ensuring that a car is available when it is needed.


If you are considering a fleet management tool for your leasing or rental fleet, you could enjoy these benefits. Since plans differ depending on the tracking company, it is important for rental companies to compare options to get the most benefits.

1. Reduction of Fuel Costs.

Through accurate fuel monitoring and alerts around driver behaviour, rental companies can keep drivers more conscious of their driving style and fuel consumption. This can lower fuel costs. 

2. Savings on Insurance Costs.

Insurance companies will often reduce your monthly premium amount per vehicle when you install a tracking device because it lowers risks of theft and increases the rate of vehicle recovery significantly.

3. Improve Driver Safety and Customer Satisfaction.

With tracking, you can sometimes detect harsh braking or accidents and help your customers when they are in need. You can also ensure vehicles are available when needed and even deliver alerts to improve your customers’ driving experience.

4. Peace of Mind.

Real-time tracking options allow fleet owners and managers to have a bird’s-eye view of where all their vehicles are in real time. This can give you peace of mind that vehicles are safe and being used in a safe manner. If you own a vehicle fleet, this type of oversight is invaluable.

5. Reduce Theft & Recover Stolen Cars.

Tracking devices give you the current location of your vehicle. This means when someone attempts fraud or leasing business misuse, you will know and you can take action. When someone tries to steal your car, it can be recovered more easily. And if people know the vehicle is being tracked, it is less likely they will try to steal it or misuse it.

What Are the Different Types of Rental Vehicle Tracking Devices?

There are many types of rental vehicle tracking systems. The most common is GPS tracking, which is a global positioning system that uses satellites to locate the exact position of a vehicle. This system can be installed in the car or it can be installed in an external device and then connected to the car.


Another type of rental vehicle tracking system is RFID, which stands for radio frequency identification. This system uses RFID tags on the car or on an external device that communicates with tags on the car.


A third type of rental vehicle tracking system is GSM, which stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. This system uses cell phone towers to locate the exact position of a vehicle through GPS coordinates and triangulation.


A fourth type of rental vehicle tracking systems is Wi-Fi, which stands for wireless fidelity internet access points and provides information about where a vehicle has been through its signal strength, signal duration, and signal timing data from multiple routers in an area.


How Do Rental and Lease Vehicle Tracking Contracts or Plans Work?

When lease companies purchase a plan, they will get benefits alongside tracking devices, and often software is included in the plan, too. The contract is most often a 3-year contract where there is a monthly payment due to the tracking company.


GPS trackers alone do not deliver details like fuel consumption or geo-location alerts. If you want to know the exact location of your vehicle at any time and track things like business mileage, you can opt for a more comprehensive rental tracker package that includes fleet management software.


Not sure which tracker to get or which company to choose? You can fill in the form on this page, and our system will match your needs with the best, most reputable tracker for you. IT will then alert the tracking company to contact you with a free quote.

Types of Rental Vehicle Tracking Devices
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