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Tracking for Transportation and Logistics Industries

Do you, as a business owner, want to connect your business with the world, yet keep your finger on the pulse of your logistics and transportation operations? Vehicle tracking could be the answer. We discuss the benefits and pitfalls of using vehicle tracking and fleet management technology for logistics companies and transportation companies.

What is Tracking for Transportation and Logistics Industries?

Most fleet tracking and management products for transportation and logistics industries include tracking devices, software, vehicle recovery services, and other accompanying services. The software solutions in fleet tracking packages are important because they satisfy the needs of the logistics and transportation market. They offer valuable insights into performance and deliver advanced data analytics that can help fleet managers improve performance.

How Does Tracking and Fleet Management in the Transportation Industry Work?

Most often, your business will need to sign up for a contractual period with your preferred tracking provider. The contract could be shorter or longer, but a typical length is often three years. For the time-period covered in the contract, you get access to their tracking solutions and devices.

Effective logistics management can then occur, sometimes with support from the tracking company where relevant. Managers can often view live tracking data and actionable insights to further improve their processes.

Tracking and Fleet

What Are the Benefits of Using Tracking Technology for your Fleet of Vehicles?

1. Lower Transportation Costs & More

More efficient transportation can be achieved by improving the entire process through fleet management tools and real-time tracking. With these tools, you can improve driver behaviour and find more efficient routes, resulting in lower fuel consumption. Other costs cut can include maintenance costs and the cost of more frequent accidents and perils to the stock you are transporting, the vehicle, and the driver.

2. Protect Your Vehicles and Drivers

Road transportation risks have become more severe in recent times, which is why live tracking of your vehicle is vital to the supply chain process. If any of your fleet vehicles is being looted, for example, live monitoring systems and tracking devices can alert you and help you limit the damage. 

3. Enjoy the Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

There is a wide range of options on offer from South Africa’s tracking companies, and many of those designed for fleets include maintenance alerts and predictive maintenance support mechanisms. They can remind your logistics business fleet manager or the relevant parties that annual vehicle maintenance must occur. This spares you from having to pay excessive maintenance costs for breakdowns and other issues.

4. Simplify Your Regulatory Compliance Process

With proper planning, you can ensure your vehicles remain fully compliant to laws and regulations. Fleet management systems often include reminders and tools to make the process easier.

5. Save on Insurance Premiums

Other than saving on the cost of fuel, you could also save on your insurance premiums. That’s right, in South Africa, insurance companies take into account the reduced risk your vehicles are exposed to for theft and other perils when a tracker is installed. In response, they often reduce your premiums.

Other Benefits of Tracking for a Range of Industries

If you opt for a complete solution with advanced fleet management, live tracking, and other telematics features, you can improve your delivery process, protect your vehicles from theft, recover stolen vehicles, improve delivery time, cut operational costs, and much more. With so much to gain and so little to lose, it’s no wonder logistics managers across the country choose to use fleet tracking.

How To Get Started with Tracking for My Transportation or Logistics Company

Do you want the actionable insights and extensive benefits of fleet tracking? We’ve made it easy for you to get started with a better fleet management solution. You can start by filling in the form on this page.


1. Get a Quote for Your Transport or Logistic Business

When you fill in the form, our system will match your needs with the best tracking solution for your needs. The tracking company will then contact you with a free quote.


2. Compare Your Options

To ensure you get the best deal, it is a great idea to compare your options. That means even if you have a current fleet tracking solution, comparing offers could get you an even better deal. Thanks to our relationships with leading tracking companies, we have negotiated exclusive deals you can’t get anywhere else. See how vehicle tracking works


3. Sign Up and Set Up Your Fleet Solutions

Once you have chosen your solution, your tracking company of choice usually helps you install the tracking devices and set up the management systems. Sometimes they also offer training for the optimal use of their solutions.

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