What is the Future Tech of Vehicle Trackers?

Future Tech of Vehicle Trackers - Track my Wheels

What is the Future Tech of Vehicle Trackers?

If you want a glimpse into the future, you can explorer the new technology emerging in vehicle trackers. The technology that’s coming out and is predicted to still make its way into vehicle tracking devices is fascinating. In fact, it’s likely going to change the way we drive (or rather, how our cars drive themselves) forever.

As you might already know, vehicle tracking uses global position satellite (GPS) technology to locate and keep track of vehicles’ whereabouts—plus a load of other advanced tech. But there’s even more to it than this—at least, there will be in the next few years.

Join us as we look into the future and see what’s in store for vehicle tracking tech.


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Automated Driving

Imagine being able to get into your car and input GPS coordinates to your destination. Then, you don’t have to set a foot on a pedal to get there (and no, you’re not taking the bus or a taxi). Your car will drive itself to where you’re going, and you can do as you please on the way. You could catch up on some work, watch the latest episode of a binge-worthy show, or even take a well-deserved nap. A GPS tracker will use your real-time location to monitor your car and find the best route for you to travel to your destination.

Think, as well, about how everyone else on the road will be enjoying the same benefits, so the use of GPS trackers to select your route means traffic could be more balanced and therefore, lighter. For example, if there are two main routes into the city centre, tracking units (or perhaps tracking apps) will be able to split the traffic in half, thereby equalising the routes, rather than having most people take a single route which leads to traffic congestion.



Right now, geofencing is mostly used in fleet location tracking. It creates an area within which a vehicle can travel, and if the vehicle moves out of the predefined area, the tracking service ensures an alert is activated—as well as sharing the vehicle’s current location. It’s typically used to make sure that vehicles remain on the correct route to their destination. This ensures that drivers stay their course, and that fleet owners can identify suspicious behaviour of any kind quickly, such as vehicle theft.

But the possibilities of geofencing are nearly endless—much greater than just fleet management solutions. You could one day use it, for example, to turn off your lights when you leave the house or automatically open your garage door when you arrive home. This will form part of the internet of things (IoT) where our lives are largely automated for us.


Augmented Reality

You know, self-driving cars have some pretty serious tech to help you avoid road hazards, like potholes and pedestrians. And that’s where GPS tracking and some other fancy tech come into play. Plus, these vehicles can also warn you if you’re exceeding the speed limit or entering a restricted area. Safety first, am I right?

But hey, if you do want to take the wheel yourself, the future’s looking bright with augmented reality technology projecting directions right onto your windshield. No more looking down at a screen all the time. Just keep your eyes on the road and follow the arrows!

And that’s not all, AI dash cameras will be everywhere. I’m talking about every kind of vehicle, not just the big commercial fleets. These cameras can keep tabs on driver behaviour and traffic incidents. And get this: they can even monitor both the road and the driver, so you can avoid any nasty issues like driver fatigue.



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Ride Sharing

Before we know it, different taxi services will be able to communicate with each other to offer better services to passengers who use ride sharing apps.

And, while not quite a distant tech dream, in South Africa we don’t yet have the type of ride sharing where two or more people can share a car that’s going the same route, thereby making their trip fare cheaper. But it won’t be too long before you’ll enjoy more affordable cab fares.



The Future is With Track My Wheels

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