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Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Explore Vehicle Recovery Solutions in South Africa

The latest statistics from the SAPS show that about 96 cars are stolen every day in South Africa. If you want to keep your vehicle safe, it is important to take intentional steps to safeguard it. Without any form of tracking device, the chances of recovering your vehicle are low.

What Are the Odds of Recovering a Stolen Car?​

In America, the odds are 1 in 5, or 20%. But in South Africa, the chances of recovering a stolen vehicle drop to 5% – 10% at most. Added to this statistic is the fact that vehicles that are recovered have often sustained substantial damage. The longer your car is missing, the less likely it is that you will recover it without damage.

You do not have to fear South Africa’s criminal activities statistics. Instead, you can find out how vehicle tracking plays a role in reducing the effects of vehicle theft below, and how to increase the vehicle recovery rates when it comes to your car.

How Can I Track My Stolen Car?


The best way to track a stolen vehicle is with a pre-installed vehicle tracking system. Many tracking devices use wireless technology to send a trackable signal to the nearest vehicle recovery unit. In the USA, new vehicle recovery tracker products can also block vehicle starter capabilities or disable the engine once the device is activated.


In South Africa, the best way to recover your vehicle fast is to make sure you’re signed up for a vehicle recovery system with a reputable tracking company. If the unfortunate event of theft occurs, you can activate the device and contact the service provider to recover your motor vehicle. Finally, you can also go to the police to assist in tracking the stolen car if you have an automatic vehicle locator installed.

What is a Stolen Vehicle Recovery System?

A vehicle recovery system is an installation of advanced vehicle technology combined with a committed recovery team. You can sign up for a recovery system with car tracker companies such as Matrix and Tracker. The device tracks your car’s location using GPS technology and sends a wireless signal to the recovery team.

How Does it Work?

Some of the basic features in a recovery system can include operation centres that are always open, geolocation alerts, border alerts, and dedicated recovery teams. Along with basic features like a displacement alarm and core recovery services, some companies offer extras.

These can include x-ray vision capability, signal jamming detection, impact detection, a wireless panic button, and more. When you buy a tracking device, you are buying more than just the device. You’re purchasing a whole package.


You’ll be required to pay a small monthly fee for this service and the device. Luckily, there are many advantages to vehicle recovery services and trackers, including lowered vehicle insurance premiums. Getting tracking for your personal or company vehicle is usually not an expensive endeavour.


How Do the Experts Recover Stolen Cars with Trackers Installed?


If your car gets stolen, the first thing to do is usually to activate your tracker and call it in with your vehicle recovery service. Depending on the service plan you have, these steps may differ. Some plans include early theft detection that automatically alerts nearby recovery vehicles.


Next, you can go to the South African Police Service at your nearest station. They can assist in tracking the vehicle and apprehending the criminal. You can also open a case file so that the criminal can be prosecuted. 


Frontline police and control room teams sometimes cooperate in vehicle recovery. It really depends on the situation, the capabilities of your tracking device, and the range of services you have selected. It’s a good idea to choose the tracker with the strongest signal and strong remote features that will aid in vehicle recovery.


What Are the Benefits of Vehicle Recovery Systems?


  • Ease of Use. The devices are easy to install and use, and they are quite affordable. Many external devices can easily air with software or other devices.
  • Location Control. With the alerts and updates included in some plans, you can feel peace of mind knowing where your vehicle is. An alert notification can inform you if the vehicle moves outside of designated areas.
  • Minimise Loss. You can increase the odds of recovering the vehicle with the right system in place. Faster recovery of the vehicle also means you can minimise the amount of damage it sustains. Your car will be less likely to end up in a chop shop or on the black market.
  • Driver Safety. With breakdown, accident, and theft alerts, you can better safeguard your drivers and access emergency assistance where required.

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