Hijacking Trends in South Africa

Top 5 GPS Tracking Devices for Vehicle Recovery in South Africa (2023)

With the number of hijackings and stolen cars being astronomical in South Africa, many drivers feel that having a tracking device in their vehicle is absolutely non-negotiable. That’s why, at Track My Wheels, we’ve partnered with some of the most reliable GPS tracker companies in the country.


Take a look below at five of the best tracking devices and gps devices for recovering stolen vehicles in South Africa.

1. Beame

Beame offers a reliable and affordable GPS tracker. Interestingly, Beame is a brand of one of the other GPS trackers on our list—MiX Telematics. It’s a wireless recovery device that brings with it one of the highest recovery rates in the country. 

How does it work? 

It’s a small device that fits into your car that’s incredibly difficult to find or detect, making it hard for criminals to get rid of it. It can go into all types of vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, trailers, quadbikes, caravans, and even bicycles. This gives it a host of applications in both personal recovery and fleet management services.

What are the extras?

Beame comes with an app, called the Beame Smartphone App, which enables users to check that the battery on their GPS tracker is still in good condition and to report, for quick assistance, if their vehicle is stolen.

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2. Tracker

Tracker is a brand synonymous with vehicle recovery, possibly because it’s been a household name since 1996, meaning it has nearly three decades of expertise in the real-time location tracking industry—and it’s still going strong. 

How does it work? 

Tracker offers different levels of tracking services, each bringing with it more benefits and features. All of them involve installing a device in your vehicle that is tracked via GPS. The starting-tier service is called the Tracker Retrieve Plus, which is the no-nonsense, real-time tracking solution that individuals and businesses are looking for when they want to recover their vehicle if it’s ever stolen.

What are the extras?

Beame comes with an app, called the Beame Smartphone App, which enables users to check that the battery on their GPS tracker is still in good condition and to report, for quick assistance, if their vehicle is stolen.

3. MiX Telematics

MiX Telematics is an international name in the vehicle tracking industry. Its focus is on fleet management, but it does have subsidiary brands, such as Beame and Matrix, which are designed to support individuals’ tracking needs. 

How does it work? 

This depends on what type of service you’re looking for from the MiX Telematics range. If you want a basic GPS tracker, then you can have this installed in your vehicle in a discreet and secure location that’s difficult for criminals to find. It monitors location in real time and historically on an easy-to-read map.


If you want more, the company offers a wide range of fleet management solutions that enable you to receive real-time alerts on the location of your vehicles and get early detection in case something goes wrong.

What are the extras?

You’re in really good hands with MiX Telematics. It operates in 120 countries across the world and has won awards for its brilliant products and services. 


Using the GPS tracker, it can provide reports on unsafe driving habits, detect over- and under-utilisation of vehicles in a fleet, create lower operational costs, discover misuse of company property, and improve route planning. 

4. Netstar

Another international brand on our list—Netstar. Operating in Australia, South Africa, and other African countries such as Botswana, Ghana, and Zambia, Netstar has a large focus on engineering GPS tracking devices that are ahead of the tech-curve.


It’s also one of the oldest tracking companies in the country, having opened in 1994. Their devices can give you accurate tracking of the geographical location of your vehicle as well as vehicle recovery with a high success rate.

How does it work? 

As with other trackers, Netstar installs a small device in your vehicle that allows it to know your car’s exact location at any time. Along with this are four tiers of service levels, which are Netstar Nano, Basic, Plus, and Early Warning. Each differs in monthly price and offers varying services, depending on your individual needs. Note that these are for consumer GPS trackers, not for fleet management. 

What are the extras?

Netstar offers some value-added products that give you that extra protection each month. These include Netstar Go, Roadguard Lite, and Roadguard, which offer additional cover for pothole damage, accident claims, traffic fines, licence renewals, and more.

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5. Ctrack

Ctrack boasts an impressive record of a more-than-95% stolen vehicle recovery rate, applicable to both individual and business tracking. It is the perfect tracker for giving you peace of mind, whether you own a single car or a fleet of trucks.

How does it work? 

In addition to the device fitted in your car to keep track of its exact location at all times, Ctrack also offers a holistic fleet management service that includes real-time alerts, productivity reports, and savings with insurance companies. 

What are the extras?

Ctrack has five areas of focus, from which you’ll benefit if you choose to use this GPS tracker. These are: 

  • Safety and security
  • Driving behaviour 
  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Control (compliance)
  • Asset management

Now that you know we’ve partnered with some of the top GPS tracker companies in South Africa, it might be time to consider getting a quote. Simply fill out the form on any of our webpages and we’ll put one of these top-tier tracking companies in touch with you.