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Top 5 Vehicle Tracker Apps in South Africa

Are you shopping for vehicle tracking apps that can improve the productivity of your commercial fleet or keep your family safer? With so many options available, it can be hard to figure out which one will be best for your needs. Of course, you need an app that can work on your mobile device and one that has amazing features, but how can you know for sure which would best suit you?

Thankfully, we have years of experience and expertise that can help inform your decision. We are here to help with a great overview of the top five leading vehicle tracking applications in South Africa and what would make them the ideal one for your needs.


CarTrack GPS - The Easy Fleet Tracking App

1. CarTrack GPS - The Easy Fleet Tracking App

CarTrack is a robust GPS tracker app known for its precision and reliability. With features like real-time tracking, detailed reports on driver behaviour, and the ability to set up geo-fencing, it’s a comprehensive solution that is ideal for managing fleet drivers and vehicles, and also for individual car owners.

  • Real-Time Tracking: Offers accurate, real-time location data.
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring: Keeps tabs on rapid acceleration and other unsafe driving behaviours.
  • Fleet Management Features: Provides fleet managers with tools for tracking fuel consumption and vehicle efficiency.
racker Connect - Tracker's Official App

3.Tracker Connect - Tracker's Official App

Tracker Connect delivers comprehensive vehicle tracking solutions with a focus on recovery services. Their mobile app allows users to see the exact location of their vehicles and receive real-time alerts. Whether you’re needing roadside assistance in an emergency or trying to keep an eye on your fleet vehicles, this app is ideal.

  • Real-Time Location Updates: Ensures you can always find the precise location of your vehicle.
  • Vehicle Recovery Services: Offers peace of mind with quick response times for stolen vehicle recovery.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The app’s interface is designed for ease of use, providing a stress-free experience for users.


Mix Telematics - Global Leaders in Vehicle Security

3. Mix Telematics - Global Leaders in Vehicle Security

The Mix Telematics app is geared more towards fleet tracking and offers a range of features that help businesses manage their fleet more efficiently, reduce fuel costs, and improve driver safety. 

  • Advanced Fleet Tracking: Delivers real-time updates on a fleet of vehicles.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Provides alerts for unsafe driving and helps in reducing environmental impact.
  • Data Analytics: Offers powerful data analysis tools for optimizing fleet performance.
  • Customisation & AI-Empowered Extras: As global leaders in tracking, MiX offers customisation options for corporate solutions and add-ons such as AI-empowered theft attempt detection, AI-empowered cabin or vehicle cameras, and much more.
MyNetstar - Desktop & Smartphone App

4. MyNetstar - Desktop & Smartphone App

Netstar’s mobile app provides robust vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions. It is designed to give car owners and fleet managers peace of mind with its comprehensive tracking features.

  • Detailed Vehicle Tracking: Offers a wide range of vehicle tracking features, including location history.
  • Fleet Management: Helps in managing a fleet’s overall performance and safety.
  • Custom Alerts: Sends real-time alerts for various events, including potential theft.
Ctrack Drive Fleet Tracking App

5.Ctrack Drive Fleet Tracking App

Ctrack specializes in providing real-time tracking and fleet management services. Their mobile app is praised for its intuitive interface and powerful features that help in both individual vehicle tracking and fleet management.

  • Real-Time Fleet Tracking: Allows fleet managers to monitor vehicles in real-time.
  • Driver Behaviour Insights: Provides insights into driver behaviours, helping to promote safe driving practices.
  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities: Offers comprehensive reports on trip history, fuel consumption, and more.

Questions to Ask When Comparing Features Between Apps

– Accuracy and format of tracking services: Are you getting real-time tracking data on the location of the tracked vehicle or merely historical reports? Do you need to click a button to switch on the tracking, or is it live?

Tracking Extras: Does the tracking application include exciting extras like anti-theft early detection, camera feeds, data insights, driver behaviour management, route planning, unsafe driving alerts, geo-location alerts, fuel level data, engine condition, speed limit, etc?

Emergencies: Does the app include an emergency assistance button that sends push notifications to emergency services and management or designated contacts?

Network and Device: Can the app work on your cellphone, yet track drivers where there is no internet connection or cellular towers, or is the network limited to areas where these exist? Some mobile applications use only satellite tracking or only cellular network tracking, but both are ideal.

Subscription Options: Does the company offer an annual subscription, a three-year contract, or a monthly subscription?


Which One is Right for Me?

Deciding on a vehicle tracker is an important choice that can mean the difference between recovering your stolen vehicle and never seeing it again. But positive reviews online are not all you can look at to determine which company to go with. The sophistication of what you require also plays a role. If you need a GPS tracking device for your private vehicle to ensure it can be recovered if it’s been stolen or to safeguard your teen driver, your needs may differ than if you own a fleet and need real-time data on the position of your vehicles.

Since there is a wide variety of options available, choosing the right one to protect you from potential thieves or improve the efficiency and productivity of your fleet can seem daunting. But you can choose the easy way today with Track My Wheels. With us, you can get exclusive deals from leading tracking companies that you won’t find anywhere else, as well as expert insights. We can help you find the right one for your needs fast. 

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