How to Tell if There's a GPS Tracker on Your Car?

Privacy is a valuable commodity in today’s world. Many of us cherish it and take steps to protect it. While technology has made our lives easier, it has, unfortunately, also exposed us to possible invasions of our private space. A nightmare scenario for many is discovering a hidden GPS tracker on their beloved vehicle. But how can one find a hidden tracker so discreetly tucked away? This article will guide you on identifying signs of a GPS tracking device lodged discreetly within your car.


Why Should I Want to Find a Hidden GPS Tracker On My Car?

A vehicle tracker is not actually the bad guy. Many fleet managers use vehicle tracking devices to manage their fleet vehicles and the productivity of the fleet. You might install a tracker in your vehicle to aide in its recovery if it is ever stolen. Professionally placed devices track your vehicles to ensure their safety and to give you details about their operation, routes, and much more. The problem comes in when some has placed a GPS tracker on a car that is not theirs without the permission of the owner.

If you are worried that a GPS vehicle tracking device was placed without your knowledge, there are some signs you can look out for and steps you can take to protect yourself.

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Signs of an Unwanted Tracker

1. Signs of Unusual Battery Drainage

One of the first symptoms that there might be a hidden GPS tracker in your car is an unusual battery drain. A real-time tracking system, such as a GPS tracker, uses substantial energy for its activity, often resulting in faster battery usage. If your vehicle’s battery life is mysteriously decreasing, it could signal that a tracking device is silently siphoning power.


2. Sudden Unexplained Behaviour of Electronic Systems

Beyond battery drain, noticeable fluctuations in your car’s electronic systems may also hint at a hidden tracker. These variations could include unexpected dashboard light flickering or random alerts. A car tracker may interfere with your vehicle’s normal functioning, providing a clue to its existence.


3. Strange Noises or Interference During Phone Calls

Finding a GPS tracker in your car could involve noting unusual noise or interference, particularly during phone calls. GPS trackers often use cellular signals to update tracking information. If you notice consistent interference during calls, a GPS tracker might be nearby.


4. Suspicious Additions or Modifications to Your Car

To identify a GPS tracker, visual inspection might be your best bet. Look for anything out of place under the car, at the bumper, or under the wheel well. Check the car interior under the dashboard or mats. Even if you don’t find a tracker, reporting any modification to professionals helps ensure your car’s safety. For a more thorough search, use a mirror to look behind obstructions, use a flashlight to look into dark corners, and use your hands to feel for any foreign objects.

Places to Check

It is important to know where to look if you’re going to find an object designed to be hidden among the usual parts of a car. If you think a device was placed on your car without your knowledge, you can use this list to inspect your vehicle. Secondly, if you find a device under the hood or on the undercarriage, it is a good idea to seek professional assistance if a tracker is present rather than attempting to remove it yourself so that you are safe from harm and do not accidentally break something on your car.

  • Look for a GPS tracker in the interior

    • Under the floor mats
    • Behind the dashboard
    • Underneath the seats
    • Nearby the steering wheel
    • In backseat pockets
    • Under seat covers
    • Under easy-to-remove panels or carpeting
    • In aircon vents
    • In a speaker compartment
    • In the center console
    • In the glove compartment & other storage compartments
  • Check underneath the car

    • On the fuel tank
    • look for any strange devices on the entire undercarriage
  • Inspect the outside of your vehicle

    • Check the wheel wells
    • Check the spare tire
  • Inspect under the hood

    • On and around the battery
    • Wires connected to the battery
    • Any unusual devices or wires
    • Check the vehicle’s OBD-II Port

What to Do If You Suspect Someone Has Placed a Tracker on Your Car?


1. Consult with Professionals

For a thorough inspection, hire a professional. They’ll use a GPS detector or bug sweepers to track down any hidden GPS tracking equipment. There’s no substitute for expertise when finding a GPS tracker in your car.


2. Document Suspicious Modifications

Always document suspicious elements when you inspect your car, regardless of whether they turn out to be tracking devices. Noting and photographing unusual parts can aid in investigations and legal proceedings, if required.


3. Know the Legalities

Understanding your rights is vital when dealing with a potential car GPS tracker situation. Tracking someone without their consent is usually illegal. Ensure you’re aware of your rights and the legal recourse available to you.


4. Stay Vigilant

Conduct routine check-ups for your vehicle to catch GPS tracking devices early. A GPS tracker on your car can be an intrusive and alarming discovery. But remember, knowledge is power. Each day provides an opportunity to safeguard your privacy and peace of mind. If you stay vigilant, you can better protect yourself and your prized vehicle.


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