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Beame Car Tracker

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What is the Beame Car Tracker?

The Beame tracker is a vehicle recovery device designed to locate personal or business vehicles by sending out a signal to nearby tracking teams. The device was designed by South Africa’s leading tracking and vehicle telematics company, MiX Telematics. It can fit on any type of vehicle, from a quad bike to a truck.

Why Get a Beame?

This wireless recovery device boasts guaranteed reliability, a quick installation time, and access to Beame’s 24-hour contact centre. They are backed by leaders in the African market, MiX Telematics, and their vehicle recovery rate is one of the highest in the industry at over 90% of stolen vehicles recovered.

Who Owns Beame?

MiX Telematics owns the Beame Tracking Unit. They are a South African-born brand that has revolutionised the international tracking industry with innovative solutions. 

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What Are the Benefits of Using Matrix Tracking Solutions?

When you use a tracking device from Matrix, you’re getting much more than just asset tracking for your vehicle. Along with an advanced tracking unit, you can get safety features and vehicle recovery services. They also offer value-added services for a low fee.

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Higher Vehicle Recovery Rates.

Without a Beame, the chances of recovering your vehicle are slim to none. With it, however, chances are you'll get it back in no time.

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Coverage Anywhere in South Africa.

This tracking unit can find your vehicle using an extensive network that spans the country and connects to their national control centre.

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Insurance Certificate.

Major insurance companies recognise the benefits of owning a Beame. This means you can pay less for your car insurance when your insured vehicle has this tracking unit installed.

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Jam Detect

The Beame tracker includes jamming detection technology that will pick up when thieves are trying to jam the tracking signal and switch to radio frequency tracking.

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The Beame device comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can have peace of mind.

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The Beame tracker is an affordable vehicle security product.

* MX3 customers only

How Does the Beame Work?

You can choose from three plans when you get a Beame. Beame for Me is the plan designed for individual vehicle owners. It is a 36-month contract with a once-off admin fee. Beame Protect is designed for existing customers as an upgrade to the basic plan option. Finally, Beame for my Business offers options suited to business vehicle owners.

  • This compact size device uses wireless technology to track and recover all vehicle types.
  • Recovery services are included FREE with your device.
  • Installation is fast and can be done at a fitment centre near you. This quick and hassle-free installation means getting a Beame won’t be a lengthy process.
  • The device will send out a battery alert you when its battery is running low. With a 3-year battery life, you won’t need to worry about the battery status. 
  • The Beame alerts dedicated recovery teams in your area when the car has been stolen. These skilled agents know how to find and recover your vehicle fast.
  • You can use the Beame smart app to manage your subscription and device for true convenience.
  • Worried your device may be faulty? Beame does free confidence checks to give you peace of mind.

is Beame Worth It?

If you are considering a Beame, you can read Beame car tracker reviews online. Each customer’s experience will differ, but this will help you get a better picture of whether it is the right device for you. As leaders in the wireless tracking industry, you can rest assured that you are getting the best in your Beame Recovery Device.

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