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C-Track Car Tracker

What is C-Track?

C-Track is an international vehicle telematics and fleet management company and one of South Africa’s leading tracking companies. They make it their business to track company vehicles, fleets, and drivers. C-track works with fleet owners and business owners to offer them an all-encompassing solution.


The result is cost savings and greater returns on investment. Thanks to decades of experience and a global footprint, they can offer reliable results. For example, more than 95% of vehicles tracked by C-Track are recovered. Whether you want to track vehicle positioning for your business or family, C-Track’s expertise can benefit you.

Why Choose C-Track?

There are a wide range of benefits to enjoy when making use of C-Track’s advanced solutions. According to the MD of C-Track, companies can enjoy a good return on investment when implementing a holistic telematics system, such as what C-Track offers. Their system can track vehicles and driver behaviours, capture the data and interpret it, measure performance, identify driver errors proactively, and even predict possible accidents.

What is C-Track

The range of features available at C-track can benefit business fleets, warehousing and logistics companies, and even private individuals. They aim to increase efficiency and save costs for their customers, and they have achieved this, as evidenced by the accolades their customers have presented to them. Below, we highlight a few of the top benefits C-Track customers can enjoy.

1. Vehicle Recovery

You can enjoy an improved vehicle recovery rate of over 95% instead of 10% or less when you have c-track devices installed in your car or fleet. If a tracked vehicle gets stolen, you can rest assured that you are much more likely to get it back

2. Lower Operating Costs

Fleets can enjoy lower operating costs thanks to technology that monitors driver behaviour and idle times. By reducing poor driving performance, owners can increase productivity and lower fuel consumption, leading to savings for businesses.

3. Improved Efficiency

Another way efficiency and productivity can be improved is with accurate route mapping. Information such as odometer readings, turnaround times, vehicle operating hours, and route adherence can help you improve performance. You’ll know how your vehicles are being used, so you can make informed decisions that will improve the performance of your company fleet drivers.

4. Costs of Insurance

Save on your insurance premiums with a C-Track tracker installed. You could save up to 27% on your premium, because insurance companies value trackers. They will consider insuring your vehicle lower risk when a tracker is installed, since it can drastically improve the vehicle recovery rate. The result is being able to pay less for insuring the vehicle.

5. Compliance & Control

Keeping control of your vehicles becomes increasingly difficult as the fleet grows and your schedule changes. C-Track tackles this complexity with productivity reports route deviation details and time adherence insights. A wealth of fleet analytics can better equip managers to improve fleet control and compliance.

6. Safety & Security

A dangerous driving environment is a major threat to any business. This element includes driver safety, fatigue and rest periods, vehicle security, theft, hijacking, signal jamming, and route adherence. With sophisticated fleet management software and solutions from C-Track, you can improve security for employees and safety all-round.

7. Improved Driving Behaviour

A drivers’ behaviour on the road has a huge impact on your bottom line, and cost control helps you identify speeding, accidents, harsh breaking, excessive idling, and cornering. Improve the performance of your teams of drivers with solutions for C-Track.

8. Asset Management

As vehicles age, it becomes difficult to have an overall view of their individual condition, but with C-Track it is now possible to receive daily health checks and odometer meter readings. From here, it is much easier to schedule vehicle maintenance, keep up with vehicle license renewals, and perform accident analysis.

How C-Track Vehicle Tracking Systems and Fleet Management Solutions Work

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Their fleet tracking service enables you to know the vehicle location for company fleet vehicles, but it also does a lot more. Depending on your needs, you could use vehicle telematics to reduce maintenance costs and increase the efficacy of your fleet, all while improving safety and security systems.   Solutions on offer at C-Track include the iris camera, crystal software, the C-Track mobile app, fleet analytics, advanced fleet monitoring software, and their bureau service. Your solution could be a combination of hardware devices and vehicle tracking software, along with services to enhance the offering.   Their products are ideal for consumer vehicle tracking, mining & yellow equipment, mobile assets & fixed plants, airports, the agricultural industry, and any business that has a fleet of company vehicles. It can even predict accidents!
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