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Who is Matrix Trackers?

Matrix Trackers is a brand of MiX Telematics, a global leader in vehicle tracking and telematics. It was founded in 1996 through a love of technology and a desire to keep South Africa’s drivers safer on our roads. Today, they offer South Africans stolen vehicle recovery services and vehicle tracking products made simple through their online platform.

Although Matrix works with technology, they continue to focus on people, developing a wide range of products that keep people safer and add value to their lives. Consumers and individual car owners can enjoy personal safety features and affordable tracking solutions from Matrix. Their mobility tracking can also benefit business owners and decision makers managing fleets.

Benefits of Using Matrix Tracking Solutions

What Are the Benefits of Using Matrix Tracking Solutions?

When you use a tracking device from Matrix, you’re getting much more than just asset tracking for your vehicle. Along with an advanced tracking unit, you can get safety features and vehicle recovery services. They also offer value-added services for a low fee.

Small Scan small icon


Know your car’s every move with pinpoint map positioning.

Red Navigation Icon


Navigate from your phone to your car using your phone’s built-in navigation.

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Easily keep track of your vehicle expenses for tax purposes*.

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Customise and receive alerts for harsh driving, battery tamper and unauthorised movements.

* MX3 customers only

How Matrix Trackers Work

With each tracker, you get access to a 24/7 operations call centre, you get a wireless recovery beacon and battery backup. Matrix boasts national network coverage, so you can know the accurate location of your vehicle anywhere in the country. You can also enjoy discounts on your monthly insurance premiums.


Matrix will include free device testing for your peace of mind, and you can choose to add optional add-ons to the tracker plan you select. Each tracking device comes with a monthly subscription. Each of these subscriptions will include different benefits and services.

Matrix Mobile App

What is the MX1 Tracker?

This tracking device is labelled “core security” because it gives you the basics you need to protect your vehicle without extra bells and whistles. Along with GPS pin-point positioning that allows you to know the exact location of your vehicle, you also get vehicle recovery and other services.


We’ve summed it up in the below table to make it easier for you to choose the plan you want. As the most basic plan, this option is also most affordable.

MX1 Tracker

How Does the MX2 Tracker Work?

The MX2 tracker is the more advanced version of tracking, and in addition to the features of the MX1, it also includes the matrix app and other features listed below. You can use the app to request emergency assistance and to get other types of alerts. Here’s a quick look at all the features of this plan:

The MX2 tracker is the more advanced version of tracking, and in addition to the features of the MX1, it also includes the matrix app and other features listed below. You can use the app to request emergency assistance and to get other types of alerts. Here’s a quick look at all the features of this plan:

MX2 tracker

What is the MX3 Tracker?

As the most advanced tracker, this option gives you the most but also costs the most. For advanced levels of vehicle tracking functionality and features, this electronic vehicle tracking system is the ideal option. Along with an advanced consumer tracking unity, you get all these features: 

MX3 Tracker

What Are Matrix's Value-Added Services?

Their value-added services go beyond mere GPS location of your vehicle to give you additional services. You can add any of these services to your Matrix subscription for a low fee. Through Track My Wheels, you can also get some of these as a FREE addition to your tracking subscription!

Beame Vehicle Recovery

Beame Vehicle Recovery

You could get FREE Beame vehicle recovery added to your Matrix Tracker subscription if you quote and buy through Track My Wheels! This service will help you recover the tracked vehicle if it is stolen or hi-jacked, and it includes jamming detection.

Navigation Icon - Tracker

Route Tracking

View your routes on a map and add custom location names.

Remote Panic Button

Remote Panic Button

You can request emergency assistance by pressing a panic button on a remote. It is silent and undetectable.

GeoLoc Alerts

This service will alert you if your car moves outside of a marked geolocation area. You can enable or disable this service through the Matrix App.

Accident Alerts

Accident Alerts

If your tracked vehicle is in an accident, this service sends an automatic alert to emergency response services nearby.

Disconnection Alert

Disconnection Alert

If the tracking device gets disconnected from power, say by a thief for example, this service will send out an immediate alert.

Roadside Assistance Icon - Track my Wheels

Roadside Assistance and Medical Assistance

You can use the panic button remote or call to request emergency services at any time of day or night.

Fleet Management system - Warning Sign

No-Go Alerts

You will be alerted when your vehicle enters any demarcated "no-go zones" that are considered high-risk areas.

Exit Alerts

Exit Alerts

If your vehicle gets near to or crosses a border to leave South Africa, you will get an alert.

Matrix Protective Add Ons

Matrix Protect Add-Ons

Matrix Protect is a bundle of add-ons you can include that will help you with Road Accident Fund claims, license renewals, traffic fines, windscreen repairs, pothole damage claims, and more.